Sale Combined Kindergartens

Helping Children Learn, Grow and Play!

About Sale Combined Kindergartens Inc.

Sale Combined Kindergartens Inc has been in operation since 1994.

SCKI is responsible for the licensing of the Kindergartens and for offering support to the staff and families within the Centres. We are a community organisation and as such, we cater our Early childhood programs to the needs of the community. As a non-profit organisation we run joint fundraising ventures annually to benefit the children using our Kindergartens. These fundraisers include family portraits and the SCKI Trivia Night.

Our services provide high quality early childhood education and an environment where children can engage in enriched learning experiences. At all our Centres your children will have the opportunity to interact with other children in our funded three year old and four year old groups. Your child will enjoy educational programs with many visits from early childhood specialists to further enrich your child’s learning experience.

About Our Kindergartens

Gwenfa Hampton

At Gwenfa Hampton, we encourage children to become creative, curious and independent individuals in a nurturing and caring environment. We provide a breakfast and wellbeing program and children learn about responsibility as they care for guinea pigs and chickens. The children become garden guru’s using our separate garden veggie patch and learn sustainable practices such as composting and caring for our environment.

Hyland Community

Our educators create a rich learning environment for children, where their interests and abilities are known, appreciated and fostered within an emergent program. We participate in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program, harvesting and cooking with ingredients grown at our service.

Sale North

At Sale North Kindergarten we regard early childhood education as the foundation for lifelong learning and believe it is important for young children to learn about sustainability and the environment. Our Nature Kinder, Book Gifting, and Morning Fruit programs are highly valued by children, families and staff.

Why Choose Sale Kinders?

Qualified & Experienced

Our teachers and educators are all highly qualified and have many years of experience. They are passionate about learning and keep themselves informed with relevant professional development.

Small Group Sizes

Research indicates high quality programs are delivered in small groups with lots of individual attention. Sale Combined Kindergartens employs additional educators and keeps our group numbers small.

Educational Programs

Our programs are play based and follow the recognized early learning frameworks. We promote literacy and numeracy learning and provide children with time and opportunity to practice social and self-help skills.

Health & Safety

As your child's health and safety is paramount to us, supervision and following regulatory guidelines is a key feature of all our services.


Love how caring and dedicated the staff are to children.
Couldn't praise the staff enough!
Despite coming from a different cultural background our child was treated equally.
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